är Big Logo Children's nanofilter mask Schwarz

ViralOff®️ reduces 99% of viruses on the surface of the drape
Thanks to the treatment of the Eco Acqua Zero fabric, the surface of the mask repels water
är Nanofilters block up to 99.8% of viruses, bacteria, dust and other pollutants and contaminants in the air
är Nanofilters are made from the latest nanomaterial on the market
är Nanofilters are composed of three layers (2 layers of nonwovens, 1 layer of nanofibers)
The thickness of the nanofibers is incredible: 100 nm - 500 nm, 1000 times thinner than human hair
The life of the filter depends on many factors, from the number of encounters with other people to the humidity around you, we recommend replacing the filter after 40 hours of active use or after two weeks from the moment the filter was inserted into the drape.
Dimensions: méně než 9,2 cm
The mask is light and comfortable
Designed and manufactured in the EU
Farbe: schwarz, khaki
The correct size of the mask is determined by measuring the distance from the root of the nose to the chin
For hygienic and health reasons, it is not possible to return the mask.
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