Kids cotton DOKE beanie organic hydro

Organic cotton caps are sewn in our workshop in Jeseník and are the most popular and at the same time the most pleasant accessory for children to wear all year round. The benefits of this material are its antibacterial and quick-drying treatment. You can use it either in a stylish combination with a neck warmer, or just so that your child does not blow.
If you do not know what size to choose, take a look at our blog.
- sewn in Jeseník
- organic cotton with the highest GOTS certification
- antibacterial and quick-drying  /hydrophilic/ treatment
- perfectly fitting and combinable with other organic cotton products
Antibacterial treatment= a biocidal substance based on silver chloride was applied to the product for higher hygiene and freshness.
Hydrophilic treatment= maximally accelerates the evaporation of body moisture.
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